Sunday, 3 June 2012

Painting Progress

It is with certain amount of relief that I can report that I am up to the 'snagging' painting stage of the current batch of miniatures (to which I added all the German infantry, CO and gun crew figures) except for the French armour repainting which all has only had a good base coat.

Accidental overpainting onto undersurfaces had to be corrected many times on different aircraft. Also slight splodging of Fairey Battle retracted wheels, Storch cockpit glazing behind wing struts and I am still not sure if the cockpit glazing bars on the Me109s and MS406s look thin enough. I have left the MS406 as a three colour camo scheme by dropping HU70 red brown to avoid it looking too 'busy'. The green, after all my deliberations, turned out a bit light and bright but close enough for my purposes and due to a last minute crisis of authenticity, painted out my original yellow cowls and rudders on the Ju87s, which I must've once thought looked better with the Eastern Front identifiers.

Need to pop out tomorrow to Phil's Models for a tin of blue Humbrol suitable for the MS406 tail fin markings but that done, will then have to decide on what decals look correct out of the various manufacturers I have.

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