Sunday, 28 March 2010

Scattering To The Four Winds

I needed at least eight combinations of flocked base designs to differentiate between otherwise identical foot elements from differing platoons.

I finally decided that the standard base combination for the first platoon of each nation (British, Belgian, French, German) and on all other support, heavy weapon, high command & pioneer foot elements would be Humbrol 150 (a fairly bright olive green) sprinkled with a 50-50 mix (see left) of Javis Countryside Scenic Light Meadow Green and Hornby Scale Scenic Fine Grass Green (referred to henceforward as 'grass' and 'moss'). The 'grass' is very light and comprises quite coarse sawdust (see photo in 'Basal Cleavage' where Humbrol 150 plus the Javis scatter material only has been used experimentally) but does vary in shade nicely and the 'moss' is a somewhat yukky and samey shade of blue-green finely ground sponge-like substance. Each scatter material dilutes the unpleasant qualities of the other although when applied to certain base coats each type of scatter was occasionally usable on its own. Subsequent infantry platoons use a range of Humbrol base coats (83 'yellow clay', 98 'peat', 119 'earth') in conjunction with 'grass', 'moss' or '50-50 mix'.

Figure bases are smoothed over with model filler so that the moulding plinths disappear and foot elements look like they are perched atop a grassed-over chocolate drop mound. Owing to their diminutive size, motorcycles and motorcycle combinations are also mounted on tiddlywinks. Some of the bases have voids awaiting reinforcements from Heroics & Ros to boost them up to four-man groups for combat purposes.

Parent unit identification will be inscribed underneath for clarification and as stated in earlier posts, there will be the odd random log, rock or shrub for prettiness. (Again I must tug my forelock in Lloyd's direction for the tip with regard to 6mm scale rocks, spillages of which are obtainable from your local supermarket cat litter shelf)

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