Thursday, 11 March 2010

Stiff Neck & Brain Giving Way

Every couple of days I have a painting blitz that lasts about four to six hours.

On this occasion, I got a whole load of flesh tones done, this time just gun crews, support weapons and other oddments like German cart drivers & Bofors crews that are integral with the gun castings. There is, however, a pile of BEF & Belgian infantry waiting for me for which the flesh tones are also the next step.

When that is done along with other details like helmets & webbing I can base the infantry & support onto 15mm diameter tiddlywinks (to standardise their 'footprints') which arrived within 24 hours from Patriot Games of Sheffield & Huddersfield and I can finally have a game! I may end up tidying up the base edges, building up to the level of the figure bases & painting the whole a middle green but adding flock might have to wait. Some of the gun crews were for artillery I will now never use, for example, German 170mm or Nebelwerferen and are being repainted in situ and fit around guns I have only recently bought.
I am painting every crew strip I possess, either for making up gun team shortfalls (in the past, a pretty low priority for me) or for customizations, like tank commanders standing up in turret hatches. (Belgian T13s from Scotia and H&R 150mm auf Pz 1 have crews ready-moulded but the Heroics Panzerjager 1 do not, so they have been added (see picture)). They will all be used somewhere eventually.

So although there is no reason to delay posting yet another £30 order to Heroics & Ros that I have been mulling over for a few weeks my excuses for not setting up my oft-promised game are looking a bit thin...

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