Thursday, 9 March 2017

Activation Test Skirmish

I've been activating units by drawing counters up until now, which was nice and random and helps the solo player keep track of what hasn't done anything yet in the turn.

However, after a test run of some of Robert's rules at the 2D6 Wargaming HQ, I wanted to have a go rolling for activation for a couple of reasons:
  • although I am not sure what, if anything it is replicating in the real world, player selection of unit activation priority gives the gamer a feeling of some control over activation
  • it is easier to tweak activation rolls with simple adjustments for unit type & quality and other tactical considerations than it is with card or token based draws, where you can only add extra tokens to increase probabilities
The skirmish itself consisted of PzII, PzIII & PzIV troops plus Schützen platoon vs AMR33, Panhard 178 & S35 troops plus motorised infantry platoon and 25mm AT section. Entry points were diced for and I used the 2D6 Wargaming objective cards (now available in three colours) to generate the German objective of the road junction and elimination of an infantry platoon for the French.

The Panzers swung left immediately to take the dominating high ground as a base to give support to the assault on the hamlet with the road junction. The rest of the German column and the French column (spearheaded by their armour) met head-on at the outskirts of the town, the Panhard armoured cars plugging the gap for most of the game but sacrificing themselves in the process.

The Somuas started a flanking move and found the Panzers. 25mm ATs were sent to the farm to secure the right flank for the Allies, forcing the Panzers into the path of the S35s.

Eventually, the PzIIs made a dash along their right flank distracting a screen of French infantry away, while the Schützen attempted a left hook around the battlefield to drive off the anti-tank guns and to secure the objective. Two thirds of the Allied infantry fell back to the cottages at the road junction.

Morale now starting to crumble, the Panzers were unable to support the Schützen who, although outnumbering the poorly-shooting defenders, could not get a foothold in the hamlet.

Final positions

I will probably now stick to dice activation as it provides more scope for adjustments, is no more time consuming than drawing tokens and makes the game just that little bit more involving for the player(s).

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