Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tree Canopies 2: Spraying & Flocking

I got reluctantly dragged to the shops today when I was actually wanting to set up another game based on the Vallée des Champs terrain that got so little use recently.

I thought I'd been in all the DIY stores looking for spray paint and was going to have to resort to 'proper' spray paint for modelling but in the B&Q Warehouse in Lincoln they had a huge range and pretty much the right green I was after for just over £6.

Then round the corner, Homebase had the perfect dark brown for tree bark, £9 a can this time.

So because I needed them for the game and just for a bit of a trial run on the four woods I needed. The sides were sprayed dark brown with green on the top, then some light meadow green scatter for deciduous and dark brown all over plus Hornby Dark Green scatter plus a touch of green spray (for adhesion more than anything) and some light meadow green for highlights for a coniferous forest.

They turned out pretty much as expected but I made it awkward by trying to film it for YouTube without a tripod, hence I was working one-handed. Will do some more soon & properly and show you the results.

As I acquire different shades of green, so I will vary the tree canopies from one wood to another but I am still on the hunt for a straw-like dry grass colour.

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