Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Funny how...

...just when you thought it was safe to tip out the white spirit jam jar there are seem to be several more loose ends unravelling.

  • repaint a few spare German cavalry figures into Allied mounted couriers (they are going to need them with their comms debacle)
  • superglue rocks onto Carrier & Recce platoon leader figures
  • base up 25mm AT gun crews that somehow keep falling through the net
  • paint & flock 13.2mm AA integral crews & bases (Scotia Micromodels)
  • paint the drivers of approximately 25 Bren Carriers which have been taunting me for years
  • base up, paint & flock another French cycle infantry platoon
  • file Adrian helmet down into a beret on French infantry which were painted slightly wrong colour but usable as Chasseurs Ardennais infantry & repaint beret in a darker green
  • separate the French infantry that was painted the wrong colour many years ago; repaint, rebase & flock
  • a few strips of figures requiring boots, binoculars, etc to be painted
  • put tiny Belgian utility tractors on bases big enough for the 25mm AT gun to sit temporarily at the back when being towed
  • slosh a bit of Humbrol 26 on British infantry which were painted wrong shade many years ago
  • fix a sliver of tin/lead onto bases of Boys AT rifles and paint as ammo crate to distinguish them from Bren guns (same prone pose)
  • gather up spare British figures to make up engineer sections

This lot just completed. Next up: a few part painted aircraft and a couple of dozen resin buildings.