Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Battlegroup Generator

Continuing with my new quest for impartial solo game set-ups and taking certain decisions away from the solo player, I have knocked up a table for selecting random units from my armies.

This is a sort of follow-on from Dale's solo blog where he ruminates over how the turn sequence might effect a player's strategy (or is it tactics?). It set me off pondering on how a solo player, without any external input, could get stuck in a tactical rut during games, end up using the same old favorite units (the French D2's with snazzy camouflage in my case) or setting up the same types of scenarios, almost by default.

So here we have a screenshot of it at work. It doesn't bring the unit up, I have to read it off the chart using a Mk1 Eyeball and for the human touch I will be rolling dice for actual games anyway. It's not going to be accurate in terms of distribution (I notice already that Pz 1s & 2s need boosting and Pz 35t's & 38t's need reducing) or whether particular vehicles fought side by side but it should spit out some playable combinations, possibly some unbalanced ones but hey, war is hell! I have tried to keep the infantry components as prominent as I can and I expect I will tweak it a bit but to be honest I do like to see tanks rumbling across the fields.