Sunday, 24 December 2017

Stonne 2: Set Up

Looking at the landscape around Stonne and possible table sizes, I decided on using just one 35" x 22" wargaming table which, if using what is now my usual 1.5" = 100m ground scale, will give me a 2.3km x 1.5km battlefield. This is enough to recreate all from a little West of Stonne village all the way over to Les Cendrières Farm and including the Northern approaches to the escarpment and Mont Hébreu and the Terre des Dix Cents.

Stonne plateau, 2.3km x 1.5km

I found the insulation foam landforms that I had always used for fictional games a bit restrictive for recreating an actual landscape, so I had to chop them about a bit. Fortunately I had some old river bend sections which were geographically too extreme for most wargames tables, so they got customized for this scenario.

Le Bac de Stonne, below the escarpment

Les Cendrières Farm

Terre de Dix Cents

This will be the scene for a series of encounters, recreating the various attacks and counterattacks on Stonne village, involving elements of:
  • Großdeutschland infantry & other regiments
  • 37mm AT units from the 14th PzJagr Abt
  • Panzer IVDs of the 8th Panzer Regt and attached PzJgr Is
  • Stuka air attacks
  • Panhard 178s of the 6th GRDI
  • Char Bs of the 41st & 49th BCC
  • Hotchkiss H39s of the 45th BCC
  • FCM36s of the 4th BCC
  • 25mm AT pln
I will be making significant use of Walter Moore's Armoured Fist Stonne scenario booklet (which is available on Wargame Vault here), as he has done much of the organizational work already.

The only delay might be in putting highlights on a few Panzers for photography reasons.

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