Wednesday, 22 November 2017

!! 6mm and Small Scale Forests For Sale from TerrainShed !!

When a gamer looks down on the wargaming table, it's a bit like the view from a medium level bomber. The trees seem to join together in one continuous forest canopy. Local colour variations of individual trees blend together.

Resilient dense tree canopy style woods and forests that hide your miniatures from view!

'Tree trunks' provide headroom for miniatures, so they aren't disturbed when
the foliage is lifted and can be adjusted for when the forest is on a hillside (in photos of my earlier games,  the original stick supports were used. The new ones are better!)

The supports are always held firm with no wear and tear on the foliage.

No more turrets displaced or picking your way through individual trees!

Can be placed on slopes, unlike individual tree type forests.

Looks good close up or from the usual long distance gamers' view.

(pictures above are from my own gaming collection with custom shapes)

The four shape designs using Spring, Summer & Autumn foliages
Each set is cut from a standard 7" x 7" (18cm x 18cm) section of tree canopy material and is available as per the TerrainShed website.
In any case, other sizes and shapes can be made by order. 

There are six Spring/Summer foliage styles available off the shelf... 
  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Evergreen
  • Winter scene
  • Blossom (out of stock)
...two Autumnal...
  • Early Autumn
  • Late Autumn
...and three Winter styles:
  • Winter (just a few leaves)
  • Frosty
  • Snowy

Each forest set comes complete with:
  • bark coloured tree trunk supports for each corner and sides of the forest canopy, plus a few spares
  • instructions & useful tips
  • sturdy storage box
Feel free to contact me with any purchases, queries, special size requirements or custom foliage jobs, either through this blog, at or on TerrainShed Wargaming on Facebook.

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