Friday, 27 October 2017

Forests Kickstarter has gone live!

I'd already advertised the two sets of forest tree canopies I'd made as a test on eBay just to see what the interest was.

Nothing, not a bid nor a watch.

After 6mil Phil's bocage hedges did so well on Kickstarter and after much encouragement/nagging by Robert of 2D6 Wargaming, I was convinced me that KS could not only raise the funds for my initial bulk purchases but be a means of advertising for the products as well.

So there it is, live now and 35% funded as we speak.

I posted links up to all the Facebook groups I could find, Robert did a short review of the two (unsold!) sets and I upgraded my Wargaming Website Forum subscription to 'trader' (only £5 for the first 3 months, then the same per calendar month thereafter) so that I could advertise. I will do a promotional video of my own to follow (it was all a bit sudden, I thought the KS would take a few days to get approval but as I had the option of activating it straight away, I thought it was now 3 days time!). At least the trickle of promotional gubbins might keep my project 'bumped' on the web.

Here's hoping!