Monday, 4 June 2012

Rules Tweak: Infantry Sections

I was lying in bed a couple of hours before the dawn chorus, daydreaming about rule tweaks and what isn't working as well as I would like and concluded that I wasn't keen on keeping platoons of infantry clumped together for the sake of it. This was a really a throwback from the last set of published WW2 rules I ever used from WRG which stated that the maximum separation of foot elements and tanks with radios should be 50m & 200m respectively, or suffer dire morale consequences. I never got round to rewriting this properly, partly because I didn't want to track the morale for each infantry section, nor did I think three to five morale level markers for each platoon on the tabletop would look very good.

I could imagine a tank troop leader not wanting to disperse his armour over a wide area but infantry is frequently forced to cover a wider frontage than it cares to, for example, a platoon forced to defend a series of bridges and lock gates over a canal or one section sent way out for flank protection. So under my new rules when a section is sent out on a task and needs a morale check out there it gets an (initially) identical morale level to its parent unit and when it rejoins the main body the morale scores are averaged out.

Different platoons, different base designs
Infantry platoons are distinguished by their different base colours and flock types anyway; CO or NCO groups will now have and additional bit of terrain on the base. 'Rock' sounds dependable so a fragment of cat litter grit glued to the base as a boulder will aptly signify a leader of some sort. (See Nikolas Lloyd's basing ideas)
There will be enough CO & NCO types for the authentic number of sections in the platoon, so I won't be fussing over squads becoming jumbled up when the platoon is united but if there is a CO and three NCOs (be they sergeants, corporals or lance-corporals) then four sections can split away on individual tasks.

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