Monday, 18 June 2012

Rules Tweak: Armour Penetration

I am grateful to TTH on the WW2 Talk forum for his link to All Gun Penetration Data, a comprehensive list of WW2 AP data, as far as I can see. Certainly it amply covers the France 1940 period.

The datacharts show penetration for Rolled Homogenous Armour as well as Face Hardened Armour, which reminded me that that my AP combat charts in places uses a mixture of data. This was principally because I had only been able to find figures for German guns against RHA although there were a few other anomalies as well. The new information has enabled me to create a more level playing field for AP gun combat vs FHA only.

That just leaves me to have another look at the AP data for the 18 pounder and 75mm IG, as I came to the conclusion that the CS tank gun could be ruled out on the AP front as the only offensive round carried (if any!) was HE.

Logically, I suppose one day I will have to look into which tanks had RHA and which had FHA and on what part of the vehicle but hit plotting isn't something I intend to get involved in!

Plenty to keep me off the streets!
Meanwhile, back in the conservatory, there is a whole load of odds & sods to finish painting: foot figure faces, weapons & helmets and basing-up of these new strips and other figure group bases to flock, etc; minor detailing of 20-30 vehicles; completion of camo repainting on 20 -odd French tanks; and adding decals to a dozen aircraft.
After that, I will begin repainting another batch of tanks and tank unit identifiers, applying decals to tanks & vehicles and draping Swastika flags onto certain German AFVs & vehicles.