Monday, 20 May 2013

On-Table Unit Reminders

To cut down on record keeping during a game, I write the unit morale level and other details on 16mm green tiddlywinks and place the marker next to the unit in question. No need to consult a notepad now and the morale status of a unit doesn't have to kept secret as I play solo!
The notation {8/13~65} means the unit has a current level of 65%, that there are 8 elements in the unit and the loss of one element will cause a drop in morale level of 13%. For the 8/13 part I use a fine permanent marker as this does not change but a water based pen for the morale level which needs updating at times. The counter stays with the unit when it goes back in the box.

Green was my colour of choice so as not to distract from the overall appearance and this works well. (Incidentally, the exact same tiddlywinks are used as bases for all rifle sections and other foot units). My next purchase from the very helpful people at Patriot Games in Sheffield was a pack of smaller 12mm multicoloured counters (they left out all the green ones at my request and put extras of the other colours in) which I will be using for various on-table unit reminders and any morale reactions in force on the unit. Again, this does not need to be kept a secret from the solo player and it will be a lot easier to remember which units need retesting next turn, whether a particular MG is on AA lookout, orders arriving soon, etc.

The counters are available in the colours here (and another shade of green) in 12-48mm diameter, 50 per pack for smaller sizes.

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