Monday, 30 July 2012

6mm Resin Buildings

Hamlet in white metal
on a terrain board
I cannot think of many wargaming bits & bobs I need all that badly, but I have a search set up on EBay just in case anything random pops up & takes my fancy. Some of the white metal buildings bought back in the 1980's (I forget where I got them, probably Heroics & Ros (pre-Seven Kings version) are fixed to terrain boards, as are some I made myself out of bits of old wood planed off to form a gabled roof, sans chimney stacks and architectural detailing. Some are still loose but all need sprucing up and a bit of detailing. I've seen a couple of not bad sets of unpainted buildings on EBay but nothing at the right price. I even thought of setting up my own cottage industry in a spare room, to the extent that I looked into the resin casting process!

Battle Miniatures

There are, of course, some top quality castings which are based on historically accurate structures but as you would expect, this is reflected in the price.

Then, on another blog, I discovered Leven Miniatures, which do a good range of quite unusual excellently detailed buildings. I daresay I will buy some £4 or £6 buildings eventually (like those pictured above) but priced at £1:50 or £2 for larger items, well-packed rapid delivery at cost and friendly customer support, the Leven scenics are great value.
Leven large mill