Saturday, 19 June 2010

Painting Hundreds of Tyres

Better get something down in print for June while I can!

Haven't had a game but decided to crack on with painting some transport, which doesn't require anything more complicated than 2 tone green for anything British I decide to do plus wash and highlights.

FCM 36 in an old game
I used to use a 000 brush and matt black Humbrol which gave a good thick coat of paint where tyres rested on the somewhat abrasive Polyfilla terrain but  I discovered a drawing pen in WH Smith's. Made by Pilot, it has a 1mm pigment ink fibre tip which does the job and is much more controllable. I originally sourced it to do some fine camouflage outlines on certain French tanks, well, specifically the Char 2C and FCM 36. (I did, in fact, go on to paint thin yellow lines on the D2 camouflage out of neccesity and they look ok except that this painting batch has not had a shadow wash).

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