Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rules Tweak: Operational Radii for Radio-Equipped Units

I have been thinking about tightening up the communications rules for a while as it was a bit of a free-for-all, especially in the higher-ups, not that it seemed to affect play mind you.

Looked up one of my references on the web French Radios & found that those French Platoon COs that actually had radios only had a range of 800m with the ER40. British & German platoon COs had far superior hardware but I decided to peg it at 1,000m for comms with all infantry company COs.
As regards AFVs it was implied that if a tank had a radio it would have a range of a few kilometres but I could not find anything concrete. Bearing in mind the reliablity of valve sets in jolting vehicles and the vagaries of atmospherics and so on I decided to bring them in line, to some extent, with foot troops.
For the higher echelons & forward observers I cut them some slack giving them a 2,000m range. Combined with some customised lists of which AFVs & units were radio-equipped, these amendments should bring a little more realism in an important area.

All a bit arbitrary but until someone writes a book about it that I can afford or a better website pops up I will, perhaps, have to settle for playability over realism.

It's only a game after all!!

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