Sunday, 7 March 2010

Number Crunching

Retrospective: August to December 2009

As a teenager in the 1980's, my researches such as they were, were limited to a couple of tank books that I could afford pretty much straight off the shelves at WH Smiths. Now we've got the internet it's unusual not to be able to find the information you need.
I decided to double-check the AP data in use in my current set of rules. For instance, the 2 pounder, French 47mm & German 50mm L42 were all lumped in together with identical penetration performance.

I found some great websites for raw data, my main sources being [which may well no longer exist]:

Standard test conditions varied between nationalities including angle & type of metal armour used, however, AP data was eventually arrived at, listing the armour thickness penetrated 50% of the time at a given range. This gave me the median point with a better quality hit receiving a penetration bonus and a poorer hit being penalised. Use of HE (including barrages on armoured targets) was extrapolated somewhat from the WRG dice rolls as no information on this was found on the web.

So finally with a set of rules specifcally for the period, battle could commence...

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